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everyone loves good food
but sometimes you want to save time, money or effort
so you can enjoy other things
for these moments there is: Joylent.

Joylent is a powder
that you add to water
to make a meal
that has all the nutrients you need.

packaging label with nutrition and ingredient information (pdf)

healthy, fast, cheap & tasty

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tl;dr: I spilled Joylent everywhere, chocolate is great, and mix that stuff together!

I'm a poor student, lazy when it comes to cooking - Joylent is in many ways better than just bread and butter. It has been a month since my first shake and I still spill the powder all over my...


Love it

Great for getting well rounded nutrition conveniently and cheaply. Love the flavours and feel perfectly satisfied eating Joylent for 50-90% of my intake each day. Recommended using an immersion ble...


Great, but not many flavours

I love the chocolate, I enjoy the vanilla, I can stand the strawberry, but the mango and banana are not for me in the slightest. I feel like living off of three flavours is going to be tough so I w...


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Our ambassador Melvin Schol just became the number one ranked Jiujitsuka in the world. Congratulations Melvin!
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Five tips for a healthier diet and they're all Joylent

According to smart scientists, us westerners could be eating a whole lot healthier. Too much sugar and fat, not enough fruit, vegetables and fish. Shocking on one hand, however we kind of understand why. Nobody has time for a healthy diet. Besides, vegetables are kind of gross and fish is crazy expensive. Unfortunately, that’s why we miss out on a bunch of vital stuff like vitamins and fatty acids. Since Joylent wishes a healthy diet...

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We’re hunting for your culinary Joylent recipes

Calling all chefs, kitchen heroes and food artists. We’re looking for your best culinary Joylent recipes. So do you make a mean Joylent Strawberry cake, a bomb Joylent Banana steak sauce or has your Wodka-Joylent cocktail stirred up a local hype, we’re looking for you.

We’re giving away Joylent surprise packages among the best submissions. Be warned: All delicious recipes risk eternal fame on our website. That way as many as...

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4 reasons Joylent is the best alternative to Soylent

It’s only a matter of time until you can buy Rosa Lab’s Soylent in the UK and the rest of Europe.  

Before you get all confused about Soylent or Joylent and start thinking they’re the same thing, we’ve set apart some of the major differences. There are actually some major differences that make Joylent an alternative to Soylent.


We all drop the dookie – at least once a day if...

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