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All the good of joylent now packed in a couple cubic centimeters. Twenty percent of everything your body needs to get through the day in a ready-to-eat bar. Easy to take along, perfect for brunch, an ideal late night snack or for any other moment you feel like having an extremely nutritious snack.


Available flavours: chocolate, banana, vanilla

Full nutritional info: chocolate & banana twennybar

Full nutritional info: vanilla twennybar

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Overall good product.

Before I bought it I thought "How is this bar 20% of daily intake?". Well, the bar is MASSIVE. Definitely more of a meal than a snack (which is a good thing).

Taste is OK (neutral). Very...


Nice texture, great consistency, awesome taste

I'm fully satisfied and it feels much more like real food, then drinking Joylent.


Got very sick and gassy eating these

I love the joylent shakes but these are honestly a huge disappointment. I got sick from eating a few of these bars and when contacted joylent about a possible refund/exchange, I was told that nothi...


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No cookies were harmed during the making of this product. #diditforthecookie #speculaas #limitededitition #joylent #newflavours
☕️☕️Goodmorning! ☕️☕️ #goodmorning #wakeup #joylent
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Joylent is here to help you with your New Year's Resolutions

So you’re switching things up a bit in 2017? Great plan, you’re worth it. New Year’s resolutions make up the easy first step to becoming a better person. Now, actually doing it is where it gets hard.* How can a life loving individual eat healthier, spend less money, sport harder and be a nicer person all at the same damn time? Seems impossible. Unless, of course, you use Joylent to help you.

Eat healthier

Healthy eating is like...

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Most insane Joylent Stats 2016

2016 has been another crazy year for us. The third one in a row, to be exact. We delivered a huge amount of Joylent all around the planet and by doing so, we did our fair share of spreading joy to the world. To give you an impression, we’ve gathered the most mind boggling stats about last year. This was our 2016 in a bunch of numbers:

13612 emails were sent by our customer service this year. They were kind of shocked when they saw that...

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A Joylent guide to enjoying a lonely Christmas

Ah, good ol’ holiday season has arrived. Time of jolliness and stuff. Unless you’re a loner, r a person that just doesn’t enjoy Christmas much. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot of real reasons to be alone this Christmas. We understand. We ourselves feel lonely every Christmas. Because let’s be honest it’s just not the right holiday for fast, efficient and cheap food. So we figured we’d share our tips...

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